bases It is typical for our tampers to have a higher base that makes the tamping of coffee easier.

The uniqueness of the tamper with 41mm base diameter is in the radius of the bottom edge of the base. This makes working with the base easier.

The hard titanium surface prevents the base from wearing out and scratching when used intensively by the barista.


tamper The basic type is the Classic. Thanks to its universal design it fits everybody.

The Master type is more robust and is designed for baristas with strong hands who press hard when working.

The Queen Tamper is popular with the most experienced baristas.

For those who want to be different and cool, we have the Heavy Star temper. This tamper can be combined with any base. It only works in the hands of a barista!


Baristas can choose from a variety of handles and materials based on their experience and needs.

Wenge, Zabrano, Sapeli, American wallnut, Jatoba - they all have documented origin and are certified by the FSC system.